Air Cooled Air Chiller

Offering a wide range of air chiller & Chiller Unit that is widely appreciated for its high operational efficiency.

Water Cooled Air Chiller

 Water cooled Air-Chiller machines provide cool ambient air being mechanically circulated directly through the machine’s condenser to expel heat to the atmosphere. 

Air Cooled Chilling Plant

 This type of chiller represents the ideal solution for the water cooling of Industrial process. Our chillers are designed and developed by our experts and meet international quality standards.

Water Cooled Chilling Plant

 Water-cooled chillers incorporate the use of cooling towers which improve the chillers’ thermodynamic effectiveness.

Air Chiller

We are engaged in offering a wide range of air chiller & Chiller Unit that is widely appreciated for its high operational efficiency. Equipped with latest components, these are developed particularly for blown film, sugar, powder etc. where the low temperature of the air is required.

Unmatched chilling, Exceptional Features

Breakthrough technology that ensures optimum performance, long life and easy serviceability, plus precision engineering, contemporary design, selection of appropriate materials, upgraded manufacturing process, assembling and testing services to ensure perfect quality control and compact and uncluttered equipment design.


Chilling through technological excellence

Variable temperature range

Compact design covering minimum floor area.

Low-Cost Maintenance

Supreme quality that requires low maintenance.

Customer Care

To take care of all your maintenance requirements. Single source responsibility cover including designing, manufacturing, installation and servicing by experienced and competent engineers.

Chilling Plant

Chilling Plant

Infinity Cooling Process assure about good quality & trouble free running of its plants all around the year. Due to single-source responsibility covering designing, manufacturing, installation, and service by our experienced Engineers and always standing by to attend pre and post-installation problems.

Infinity Chilling Plant is being manufactured from 2TR to 160TR capacity, In compact design covering minimum floor area.

Our Chilling plants have different features details as below:


We are using Reciprocating / Scroll compressor of reputed make.



Compact design shell and tube type / Fins & Tube type. It is being tested hydraulically at 20 Kg/cm²


Condensed liquid refrigerant is being expanded in DX Type Chiller through the expansion valve. Water is being circulated through Chiller shell side having baffles arrangement, the chiller is also being manufactured and tested hydrostatically at 20 Kg/cm² pressure.


Low Pressure, High-Pressure cutout, oil pressure control are is provided for the safety of the plant. PLC / Thermostat is also provided for automatic tripping when the temperature is achieved.

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