Water Cooled Air Chiller


We offer a comprehensive range of Water-cooled Air Chillers. Water cooled Air-Chiller machines provide cool ambient air being mechanically circulated directly through the machine’s condenser to expel heat to the atmosphere. They are used for outdoor /indoor installation and operation.

Our company made a complete line of water-cooled chillers with a variety of compressor types, to match both your application and budget. Our chillers constitute many features like high efficiency, high strength, smooth functioning, etc.


  • Capacities are based on 10°C of chilled Air.
  • For a water-cooled condenser, water inlet temperature should be 32°c, Max.
  • For air cooled condenser, ambient temperature is 45°c
  • Higher capacity air chilling plants are also available on demand.
Technical Specification
Cooling Capacity (Ton)1.5235
Chilled Air Quantity (CFM)60081013002100
Temperature Range+4° to +20°C
Power supply440V / 50Hz / 3 phase AC
CompressorReciprocating / Scroll
Cooling CoilDx-Type
CondenserWater Cooled

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